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​He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, Psalms 50:10

Our Mission

Our main mission is helping families become debt free and financially independent, no matter what your situation is today. We are here to help you grow and  protect your financial future for you and your family. We do not believe that financial planning, consulting, advising or really ANYTHING should be a one size fits all solution. We are here to personalize and customize what is best for you. We offer such an array of different services as a financial company we can help you get your finances in order, create a plan for the future growth and savings. We offer you the best of the best services that you are already paying for just a fraction of the cost! 

​Meet the Owner

Born and raised on a ranch in Eastern New Mexico, business has been a passion from a young age. While most kids played with barbies, Stefanie Neuhaus had a play cash regrister and really checked people out on the daily at her parents' gas station! A little after the age of 3, she started answering the telephone at her grandmother's salon. As she got older and wiser her business mindset became an asset at age 21. When she opened her own store, and then franchises. She sold them so she could begin a new chapter in life, but that doesn't mean she has to take life in the slow lane. In mid-2023 she decided to branch out again into a different part of the business world, assisting others in what she's done and by advising those who request it on finance and investments. To say business and leadership is her passion would be an understatement. 



Your Passion


Experience You Can Trust

Financial Planning

​From start of life to end. We can help plan for everything.



​Simple or complex, let us assist with finding the perfect match that your future self will thank you for choosing.

From Life to Crop let us match you to a plan that fits your needs.

Reach Your Goals with us.

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